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Taylor Family

Taylor Family
Taylor Family
BC Dairy Farmer

Dave Taylor is a third generation dairy farmer situated in Courtenay on Vancouver Island. His grandfather started farming on the island in the 1940’s and passed down skills and passion to next generation Taylors. Today, Dave farms with his brother and both their families and together they ensure BC consumers get the highest quality milk possible.

For Dave and his family, farming brings great challenges with even greater rewards. The Taylor families enjoy the challenges, the variety, the management and everything else that farming entails – especially the great people in the farming industry. Dave believes in order for cows to really be successful in giving us quality milk they need to exist in calm and gentle conditions. He is heavily invested in this theory and ensures that their cows live in a non-stress environment. Their cows can wander freely through the barns, choose any stall to lie down in, and can go to the feed bunk at any time. He refers to it as a “free-range situation”, one that has proven successful for the Taylor family.

Providing a safe product for consumers is on the top of the Taylors’ list. They are part of the Canadian Quality Milk Program, which means that all their milk is rigorously tested before it leaves the farm to be delivered to the local dairy processors. They test it for any antibiotics and to ensure no water has been added. This means that the product is pure and ready to be processed and put on the shelves. Shopping locally is important for his family, as they believe they contribute to their community as much as they support it by buying goods produced right in their own backyard.

Dave says, “I love farming, having the hands-on aspect and connection with my cows, and giving a great product to the consumer. I look forward to doing this for years to come.”