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Seaside Breakfast

Seaside Breakfast

Ryan Malcolm, Weekly Winner of the #MiniRecipeBC Contest


  • 1 Slice crusty local bread
  • A handful of freshly picked sea asparagus
  • 1 farm fresh egg
  • 30 grams grated firm aged Salt Spring Island Goats cheese
  • 1 slice local bacon


  • In a bowl, rinse then soak the sea asparagus with cold water for 30 minutes to draw out some of the salt.
  • Bake the asparagus at 400f for 7 minutes or until crispy.
  • Slice and toast 1 piece of crusty fresh baked bread.
  • Soft poach 1 farm fresh egg.
  • Crispy fry 1 slice bacon

Stack the sea asparagus onto the toasted crusty bread, topping with the slice of bacon, and then with the soft poached egg. Garnish with freshly grated aged goats cheese. Serve in the style of an open face.

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