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What we do

We Heart Local (WHL) BC aims to bridge the gap between BC farmers and consumers by focusing on a two way dialogue from farm to fork and fork to farm.

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Meet BC Chicken Farmers:
Lisa and John

Shuswap, BC

Meet Lisa and John...

Supporting your local B.C. farmers just tastes better!

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We Heart Local BC

Who we are

Connecting you with local farmers and ranchers.

Engaging more with consumers is a priority initiative for BC Agriculture Council and its members. We ♥ Local BC celebrates BC agriculture, raises awareness of BC's food system and connects you with local farmers and ranchers.

BC farmers and ranchers are - and always have been - dedicated to doing what's right. They value the same things that you do, including:

Safe, quality food
Caring for people
Caring for the environment
Caring for animals
Access to affordable food

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Environmental Stewardship

in BC agriculture
Here's a look at the type's of things B.C. ranchers do as part of their daily commitment to environmental sustainability.