We’re always looking for ways to engage with our stakeholders, including through social media. We’re here to listen and will work to ensure our channels are a place for you to get information that you need. To help ensure that everyone has a productive, positive experience on our social media channels, here are a few quick guidelines:

Our objective is to use social media to provide our audiences with information about agriculture in British Columbia (B.C.), the products we grow and raise and to connect them with the farmers and ranchers who are behind those products. “Likes” and shares of third party content do not imply endorsement by the BC Agriculture Council.

We understand that sometimes you may have concerns or issues, but please ensure that you keep dialogue polite, respectful and considerate. We’ll do our best to ensure you get the information that you need.

Being respectful includes avoiding profanity and obscenity. You’re welcome to post about concerns or problems that you may have, but please use language that is acceptable for everyone. Please note that we will remove posts that are attacks, misinformation, unsupported allegations and any posts that reference violence, racism, hatred or bigotry towards others.

We want to hear from everyone and will work to keep our social media channels a place where you can engage with us productively. At BCAC’s sole discretion, users that continually ignore or disregard our guidelines will be banned from our channels.

BCAC takes privacy and security very seriously. We ask that you do not share personal information (such as your address, FID account information or other personal details) with us through social media. We’ll remove posts that include personal information to protect privacy, but with any online service, you should exercise your judgement about the kind of information you share.

Users who register with Facebook, Instagram or other social networks are advised to read privacy policies regarding how their profile information will be used.

We follow social accounts that are relevant to our work and our mandate. This could include accounts belonging to individuals as well as organizations, public and private. Our decision to follow a particular person or group does not imply an endorsement of any kind.

Our channels are monitored during regular business hours, 8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays).

Along with our social media channels, you can reach us by phone, email and through our contact form: