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We Got Our Aprons Dirty… Again!

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November 14, 2012
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February 4, 2013

On November 17th, we hosted our second local fare-inspired cooking class at The Dirty Apron for our “Get Your Aprons Dirty” contest winners. The theme for the class was “How to Cook a Modern Holiday Feast”, lead by the fantastic Chef David Robertson.

The menu included:

Roasted Apple and Squash Soup
Pear and Apricot Stuffed Pork Loin with Herb Spaetzle
Baked Apple and Almond Tart with Rum Ice Cream

…and it was all so delicious!

Some of the winning “cook local” tips that we received included:

Visit the Winter Farmers Market at Nat Bailey to get produce in season & recipe ideas from vendors and growers!
Instead of mincing garlic, I like to slice my garlic thinly. This results in less burning when sautéing; definitely a taste you don’t want in your dishes.
Store your potatoes near your apples. They will last longer. Organic alcohols emitted from the apple suppress tater sprouting.
Buying one unusual or new to me BC vegetable each week at the farmer’s market. Latest success – kohlrabi.
I got some beets from Trout Lake Farmers Market. I pickled them so I can enjoy them this winter. Yum!
Buy in bulk from your local farmer’s market and freeze, can or dry to enjoy your local deliciousness all year.

Thanks so much to Chef David, The Dirty Apron and all of the participants for such a fun evening!