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Rob Lepp

Rob Lepp
BC Hog Farmer

The Lepp family, once Saskatchewan grain farmers, arrived in Abbotsford in 1948. Rob’s father purchased the Matsqui property­–where Lepp Farms now stands–to develop a hog and cattle farm. Following high school, Rob joined his father and, together, they expanded Lepp Farms into a large hog operation.

The pigs raised on Lepp Farms in Abbotsford live in roomy pens leading to less stress, better health, and more tender meat. Rob says, “We feed them the highest quality grains supplemented with liquid whey. Our pigs are not given any antibiotics, and like other Canadian pork, are not given any added growth hormones.” Lepp Farms is the fulfillment of Rob’s passion for farming, and a long-held dream of being able to continue the tradition of a family-run farm.

Located next to Lepp Farms on the corner of the Abbotsford-Mission Highway and Clayburn Road, is Lepp Farm Market. Our year round farm market features our one-of-a-kind “farm to table” meat shop which means the antibiotic and hormone-free locally raised meat comes straight to our team of talented butchers. Old-fashioned attention to detail means each cut is handled with the utmost care. Lepp Farm Market is committed to bringing you the best locally-grown, antibiotic free meats, produce, and gourmet products– all in one family-run shop.