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Food Truck Fare: Fan Favourite Edition

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What are your must-have mobile munchies? We asked and the We Heart Local BC community answered—loud and clear! There are some passionate food truck aficionados in BC. And while we celebrate all the locally-sourced food trucks, there are some undeniable favourites.

What we love about food trucks is the sheer culinary dedication—small space equals clever creations. So when people flock to a street-side eatery, you know something extra special is being served.

Let’s dive in!

Fan favourite: The Funky Goat. Located in Valemount, these guys specialize in handmade burgers, homemade relish and freshly baked buns— a delicious combination to create an optimum burger experience. Bonus points for their authentic Quebec-style poutine.

As Erik M. on Facebook enthusiastically confessed, “The Funky Goat! Valemount! Hands down the best in BC!!”

But your hungry hearts didn’t stop there...

The Hungry Rooster in Victoria has Carol G.’s vote: “The Hungry Rooster in Victoria. Mmmmm perogies.”

Chickpea has some vocal fans as well. These guys poured their heart into creating their lègume-based menu for multiple locations all around Vancouver. Their motto: Spread the chickpeace!

Aussie Pie Guy in Metro Vancouver is pleasing peeps with his homemade pies. Lots of love for their locally sourced down under tucker!

Be Teased at the Celista Hall Farmer’s Market in Kamloops makes healthy, homemade food fun! Patsy A. says, “Fresh tasty food, interesting teas and smoothies”

Tacofino in Tofino (storefront locations in Victoria and Vancouver). These west coast cuties have been making mouths water with their taste-tastic tacos ever since they rolled up in the beachside surf town. Big love and big flavour!

Kaboom Box in Metro Vancouver has Peter E. exclaiming, “Kaboom Box's veggie burger is AMAZING!”

Suburban Spoon in Mission gets a deserving shout out by Facebook fan Sherry M. “Suburban Spoon! So fresh and made from scratch.”

JJ's Trucketeria in Metro Vancouver is catering to the crowd with handmade comfort food. Tatiana M. says, “JJ’s Trucketeria has great whole foods with amazing flavour. And they are fun too!”

Locavore Food Truck in Squamish is always fresh and always local—down to the fixings! Lindsay B.H. was quick to share her love for this mobile eatery.

Fork in Creston is all about local, sustainable eating, as everything is made from scratch, including bread and desserts. Thanks to Kaitlin V. for sharing this as one of her local food truck faves.

Melt City Grilled Cheese in Metro Vancouver is making masses smile with their cheese-tastic creations.

Eats Amore in Kamloops specializes in S.S.O.L. Food (Seasonal. Sustainable. Organic. Local.) “Definitely Eats Amore tops the list for me! Love everything they do!!!” says Privato Winery via tweet.

Culver City Salad is the first food truck in Vancouver to be powered by the sun. Now with multiple locations, these gals gloat about their crush on Mother Earth with their ever-changing, energy-saving menu.

Deed Beetz in Victoria has been serving islanders since 2013. Their imaginative made-from-scratch recipes have Islanders smiling and hungry for more!

By now, you must be getting hungry and speed-walking your way to the closest food truck. We certainly are! Three cheers for the hard-working British Columbians that bring you worldwide flavours made with locally sourced ingredients. Bon Appétit!

Photo from The Funky Goat.

What are your must-have mobile munchies? We asked and the We Heart Local BC community answered—loud and clear!