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Mother’s Day: Warming Hearts & Filling Bellies

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Celebration is often paired with gratitude for food. One would be hard pressed to partake in any holiday without a lovingly prepared meal—Mother’s Day included.

While we fill our bellies during these festive feasts, our hearts warm knowing how much love and effort goes into preparing such meals.

This Mother’s Day, we’d like to showcase a few of our favourite foodie moms that absolutely pour their heart into creating such crowd-pleasing provisions.

Vancouver-based Meeru Dhalwala is co-owner of the oh-so popular Vij’s and Rangoli restaurants and author of her most recent cookbook Vij’s Indian: Our Stories, Spices and Cherished Recipes.

This latest addition introduces some very special recipes that stem from Dhalwala’s journey in life—each page bursting with stories and authentic Indian flavours.

Family and connection is a big part of Dhalwala’s food-focused motivation, as this mother of two is also the creator and chair of the Joy of Feeding. The international food festival is a unique inter-generational fundraiser in support of the UBC Farm.

“Cooking is the doorway to caring about where our food comes from, taking care of our families, and taking care of our health.” Meeru Dhalwala

You might recognize Agassiz-based chef Tammy Wood from MasterChef Canada or you’ve picked up her recently published venison-based cookbook Around the Woods in 30 Plates. Or perhaps you’re gearing up for her upcoming television series Saucy’s Got Game!

One thing is certain; whatever Wood puts her mind to she does with grace and vivaciousness. Her enthusiasm for hunting wild game is paralleled by her adventurous spirit in the kitchen. She personally hunts what she cooks and is the unofficial spokesperson for hunter-chefs, utilizing and celebrating every part of the animal.

If that wasn’t enough on her plate, Wood is a mother of six—each with their own unique palette. But that doesn’t slow her down, as she happily cooks for 35 to 40 people on every holiday.

“To be a mom with six children, with so many sports and extracurricular activities going on and meals happening at different times, you have to be on it all the time. There’s no down time when you’re in a situation like mine, you always have to be ready to go.” Tammy Wood

Located in picturesque Okanagan, Shelley Adams pens her much-loved cookbook series Whitewater Cooks, aptly named after the Whitewater Winter Resort and ski hill. This Canadian best-seller series has brought well-deserved attention to the widely admired food entrepreneur, cookbook author and mother of two.

Fourth in the series, Whitewater Cooks with Passion is in response to the passion of Whitewater cookbook fans, and the passion that Shelley Adams demonstrates when cooking for others. Her mantra, "Great recipes are meant to be shared."

Now offering a line of artisan sauces and marinades with plans for a fifth book, Adams shares her excitement for continuing to create, “I want these recipes to bring people together. It’s a time to relax, converse, laugh, discuss topics great and small while enjoying the delicious, yet easy to prepare recipes thoughtfully compiled.”

Our hearts and appetites seem to grow bigger during holidays, as we often reflect and join in appreciation for our loved ones. While Mother’s Day dates, meals and traditions may vary around the world, the intention is still the same—gratitude. Join us in honoring all mothers, Mother Nature included.

Photo by Whitewater Cooks.

Celebration is often paired with gratitude for food. One would be hard pressed to partake in any holiday without a lovingly prepared meal—Mother’s Day included.