Interview with Jane Ruddick, Team Manager for Culinary Team BC – We Heart Local BC

Interview with Jane Ruddick, Team Manager for Culinary Team BC

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jane-ruddickWe recently chatted with Jane Ruddick, the Vancouver-based food consultant and volunteer Team Manager for Culinary Team British Columbia about the growing popularity of the locavore movement and her own local eating habits.

BLEN: We imagine there are many perks to being a food consultant and working with such a group of talented chefs. Can you tell us some of the things you love most about your job?

JR: I get tremendous pleasure from working with a very keen and talented group of people. Mentoring these kids is a huge benefit. As a food consultant, no two days are ever the same. I get to meet and work with a whole bunch of very exciting people and everyday I’m learning something.

BLEN: Eating locally is a food trend that just seems to be gaining in popularity here in BC. Who are some of your favourite local chefs who focus on using BC fare?

JR: All of the young chefs on my team work in establishments that use local ingredients. Certainly Team Coach Hamid Salimian (from Diva at the Met) is a big promoter of using local fare. The team itself will be using prime BC ingredients in the competition in Germany.

BLEN: What are some of your favourite locally sourced foods? And where do you like to shop for local ingredients?

JR: You can’t do any better than local seafood. Also, BC lamb and all local produce. I shop at the farmers markets and am a regular at Brian’s Produce in West Vancouver as well as Whole Foods. I also have six laying hens in my garden so I enjoy fresh eggs at home.

BLEN: Tell us what a typical dinner party menu at your home might include.

JR: There’s no such thing as a typical dinner party menu at my house. I like to source what is in season and available and looks good at the market.

Thank you Jane!