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North Coast

Lower Mainland – Southwest
July 6, 2018

North Coast

A coastal region overflowing with surf and turf

The North Coast is nestled in powerful-looking mountains with slices of deep river valleys opening up vast amounts of farmland. It’s an ideal location for cattle ranching and hay that can fully leverage its close proximity to seaports*.

The climate is as diverse and varied as the geography. A colder temperature than the southern regions – plus a relatively short, frost-free season, along with high annual rainfall – limits the crops that can be grown. So, what is grown is just enough to be enjoyed locally from roadside stands*.

Cattle ranches, hay, and even small game farming of bison, deer, and reindeer dominate the North Coast region. This mix of land and crops allows for significant dairy and egg farming that service the North Coast. Its ideal coastal location means the area is also blessed by a large commercial fishing industry of salmon, herring, halibut, and shellfish. With such a large fishing industry comes an equally impressive fish processing industry as well**.

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