Cutter Ranch

Cutter Ranch
BC Cattle Rancher

Sacha Bentall and Tyler McNaughton are the passionate farmers behind Cutter Ranch in Fort Steele, B.C. They raise beef and pork and are deeply committed to caring for their animals. Read below to learn how Tyler and Sacha strive to produce food in a way that respects both animals and the environment.

Why did you choose to start Cutter Ranch?

Sacha and Tyler: We are both from farming backgrounds, but we started Cutter Ranch on our own in 2008. Farming is an occupation that allows our whole family to engage in an amazing lifestyle. We get to live our values of producing food in a way that respects both animals and nature.

How do you work to ensure your food products are safe for consumers?

S&T:  Food safety is paramount to Cutter Ranch. We have electronic record keeping programs that provide excellent traceability from the animal all the way to each package of meat. The facilities that we use to butcher and process our products are all provincially licensed and inspected. In addition, Cutter Ranch is Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) certified by the Canadian Pork Council. This is the highest level of quality assured pork production that a farm in Canada can attain. Our meat products are sold through our website, and numerous restaurants and specialty markets across the province.

What are some examples of how you care for your animals?

S&T:  Our animals are the most important aspect of our business. Providing the highest quality of life for our animals is one of the core values of our farm. Since the inception of Cutter Ranch over a decade ago, we have invested in low energy production systems that provide our animals with a high degree of comfort. For example, we have invested in specialized equipment, like insulated mobile hog shelters which provide a warm and dry space for the pigs to use while they are out on pasture.

We work with several specialists (feed, vet, reproduction) across Canada to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of care to our livestock with the most up to date standards. The more we invest in the ranch, and in building our knowledge as ranchers, the more stable our family business becomes. This helps us to continue supplying our consumers with safe, nutritious, and delicious food products.