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Nigel Vandenbrink
Nigel Vandenbrink
BC Dairy Farmer

Nigel Vandenbrink’s grandparents moved from Holland over 50 years ago to fulfill their dream – to have their own farm where they could raise their family and do what they love to do. Keeping with the family tradition, Nigel’s parents showed their children that work and play go together on a farm. Nigel and his siblings spent many hours with their parents as they worked the farm. Not only did they horse around with their father in the pool on those hot summer afternoons before and after milking, but they also helped their mother plant and care for a garden that they ate from all winter long.

The passion for farming that Nigel’s parents and grandparents had are just as important to Nigel and his young family today. As a third generation dairy farmer, not only do they realize that they have to be efficient in today’s farming practices in order to be successful but they also have a progressive approach to the industry in order to be able to produce the best possible product for the consumer. Nigel is proud to provide milk free of antibiotics and growth hormones to his neighbours and BC community – which is just one great reason to choose 100% Canadian Milk. For 99 more good reasons, visit Dairy Farmers of Canada’s website.