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Richard & Denise MacDonald
Richard & Denise MacDonald
BC Tree Fruit Grower

In this episode, we meet Denise and Richard MacDonald. They’ve been growing Ambrosia from the very beginning. As active members of the Okanagan orchardist community, they knew this apple was a winner from the first bite. And that’s not the only thing that they knew early on. Theirs is a love story that has taken them from barren land to raising three kids while growing apples and becoming shining examples of fruit growers in the valley. We visited them when the Ambrosias were oh so close to being harvest ready and were lucky enough to catch the very first Ambrosia apple to be picked for the season. It was an exciting time on the farm and we want to share it with you. Would you like to meet Denise and Richard and find out what makes them so passionate? We can’t wait to introduce you!

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