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Van Keulen Family

Van Keulen Family
Van Keulen Family
BC Dairy Farmer

Family comes first at Donia Farms. Pake (Grandpa) started the farm in 1955 after he and Beppe (Grandma) immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands. They wanted a better life for their family. When Pake retired to take up his love of Freisian Horses, his sons took over the dairy. Donia Farms is now transitioning into the third generation of family, with the 3 brothers running all aspects of the farm.

Even though the brothers know they have big boots, they wouldn’t trade it for the world. “We are dairy farmers who care for our animals and the land we farm. Our job is our lifestyle—we both work and play on the farm. We never have a day-off because the cows always have to eat, but we’re happy to do the work knowing the end result is quality, farm-fresh food.

It is passion and dedication that is at heart of the Van Keulen’s family philosophy. “We have a deep appetite to ensure that we can farm our land for another 100 years, choosing wise, sustainable practices.”

On top of quality dairy products, the family produces and sells beef and pork. To learn more about Donia Farms or to buy some of their products, visit