De Jong Family

De Jong Family
BC Dairy Farmer

“Buying and consuming locally produced food is one of the most environmentally responsible activities that consumers can do. It stimulates the local economy. It saves on transportation caused pollutants. It ensures a fresh product. I hope this is not a passing fad, but a gateway to stimulate change in agriculture in all regions of our province.”

With more then 35 years of dairy farming under his belt, Ted deJong comes from a long history of dairy farmers spanning more then 3 generations. It’s safe to say Ted knows a thing or two about the business and uses this know how to continue building an efficient, and sustainable dairy farm where people, cattle, and the land are healthy, happy and productive.

Proponents of hard and honest work, the deJong family takes immense pride in producing an exceptionally high quality product day in and day out that feeds and nourishes their local community. As Ted is the first to tell you, this truly is the richest return on his work.