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Brown Butter Ice Cream

Brown Butter Ice Cream

Submitted by: Executive Chef Hamid Salimian, Metropolitan Hotel, Vancouver


500g, 18% or 33% Cream

500g, 2% or 3.25% Milk

2 Vanilla Beans

336g Maple Syrup

13 egg yolks only Eggs

Pinch Salt

1lb Butter

1 Cinnamon Stick

10g Milk Powder

maker Ice Cream

Cooking Instruction

  1. Brown butter very slowly with milk powder till it is golden in color
  2. Add syrup and cream and milk
  3. Add Vanilla bean
  4. Place everything in a one heat resistance container and chill
  5. Let the mixture stay in the fridge over night
  6. Next day separate the fat from liquid/ strain the liquid through strainer
  7. Keep the fat for cooking or making muffins later
  8. Make an anglaise with flavored liquid, make sure it is reaches 83°C
  9. Use the direction of your ice cream maker and enjoy the brown butter ice cream.

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